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Welcome to our Liquid Sessions Popoyo Surf Academy 

Build a solid foundation for your surfing with our Beginner to Intermediate surf lessons.

May to September &

December to January


Beginner's Bay

The Best “Learn to Surf”  Break in Nicaragua, Beginner's Bay

Wave of your Life

Learn Faster

It is a very long, easy, and friendly wave. Perfect for learning surf. The waves at Beginner’s Bay are not overwhelming like most of the Pacific Coast beaches.



Guaranteed to Surf 

We didn’t wake up one day and decide to take a week-long course to be surf instructors. Our teaching credentials come from years of surf training and learning from the best institutions and teachers in the outdoor education business. 

Find out more about us here.

Empty Line-Ups

Good Vibes

Beginner’s Bay has a really good vibe. Everyone in the water is there to learn to surf and to have fun. ​



Tropical Paradise

It’s naturally beautiful. Surfing right next to the giant magnific rock makes for a powerful experience. Add a perfect sunset, and the wave of your life, and you will never want to leave.

" I highly recommend Liquid Sessions, especially for families. Our daughters, 15 and 13, and our son, 11, had the most memorable and epic time! They all stood up on the first try and rode a ton of waves on their own, within an hour."

- Adrian Kaali

Liquid Sessions Surf Lessons with Donovan Burgess

What does the Surf Lesson include?

This is an action-packed two-and-a-half-hour session for the beginner that wants to build a solid foundation for their surfing.  A hands-on and intensive course designed to give you all the skills necessary for you to successfully advance from a beginner (kook) to an intermediate surfer.


  • Getting to know your Surf Board and its components 

  • Three steps to Safety

  • History of Surf

  • Theory of Surf

  • Finding your Balance 

  • Proper Paddling Technique

  • The Pop up (getting to your feet and Surfing!!



  • Surfboard rental for the day

  • A guided and coached surf session

  • Apply and practice what we learned in Surf Theory

  • Develop and increase overall surfing and water confidence

  • Have fun surfing

  • Our best value!


Recommended For Intermediate Surfers


Are you a little nervous? Want a little one on one time to work on something specific? Get our full attention and a fully personalized instruction session. It includes everything in our group lesson, plus bonus one on one personalized instruction and coaching specifically for you. 

Looking for more than just a lesson?

"Best Surf Camp in Nicaragua"

It is not enough to watch a Youtube video and rent a longboard if you want to know the ocean, the surf break. Observing, studying, paddling, duck diving, and surfing the waves, living it sun up to sundown, is how you will truly connect. Liquid Sessions Surf Camp is a full immersion experience into the ocean and the surf lifestyle.

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