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Vivez le reve!

Camps de surf,


Conçu et situé spécifiquement pour offrir la meilleure expérience de surf camp aux surfeurs débutants et intermédiaires

Mai-sept. & Déc.-janv.

Beginners Bay

Êtes-vous pret d'amener votre surf a un niveau superieur?

Voulez-vous vivre le vrai "lifestyle" du surfer ? Si votre reponse est oui, alors ces vacances sont pour vous. Nous planifions tous les jours nos sessions de surf selon la direction de la marée et du "swell". De l'aube au coucher du soleil ; nous affûterons et perfectionnerons vos compétences afin de vous faire progresser dans votre surf . Nous vous enseignerons de nouvelles façons de vous amuser, de jouer et d'interagir avec les vagues.

Week Long All Inclusive Surf Vacation

 5 nights and 6 days of multiple beaches and multiple world-class breaks, each offering their own unique experience and vibe.

From Playa Gigante to Playgrounds we explore the Emerald Coast by boat and 4x4. Get surfed out and have a little taste of it all.  

Delicious food and oceanfront accommodations make this an easy choice for your summer surf vacation. 

Baie des débutants


Magnific Rock sur la

Côte d'émeraude

Le meilleur endroit pour apprendre à surfer au Nicaragua.


Perché au sommet d'un promontoire avec une vue à 270 degrés sur l'océan Pacifique, Magnific Rock est l'hôtel le plus proche des meilleures vagues pour apprendre à surfer et à progresser au Nicaragua.

Le site est a courte distance de Playa Santana et de Popoyo. Vivre vos rêves de surfer n'a jamais été aussi facile avec Liquid Sessions.Nous sommes convaincu que vous serez charmer par  notre site d'hebergement paradisiaque, nos vagues de classe mondiale et notre équipe de surf. Nous vous offront une expérience inoubliable et ce , sans vous ruiner.

Cliquez ici pour un conseil de pro.


Liquid Sessions Surf Lessons Nicaragua

Les meilleures vagues en

Amérique centrale a 2 pas de vous

Nous sommes situés au centre de tous les meilleurs spots de surf de Popoyo. De notre site, vous pourrez voir le "Inner et Outer Reef ( un véritable gros spot ou les  vagues forme  un mur de classe mondiale . N.B pas pour les timides! ), et le spot de surf de Santana (une pause de plage rapide et creuse qui attrape le plus gonfle). Playa Colorado a des tubes parfaits toute l'année et vous pouvez attraper la plus longue vague de votre vie à Lances Left . Dès la porte d'entrée, Beginners Bay est la vague parfaite pour progresser.

3 Reasons Why
Beginner's Bay is so Perfect
for Learning How to Surf



 Long Rides


​It is a very long, easy, and friendly wave. The waves at Beginner’s Bay are not overwhelming like most of the Pacific Coast beaches in Nicaragua.

Good Vibes


Beginner’s Bay has a really good vibe. Everyone in the water is there to learn to surf and to have fun.

Set in Paradise


It’s naturally beautiful. Surfing right next to the giant Magnific Rock makes for a powerful experience. Add a perfect sunset, and the wave of your life, and you will never want to leave.

Liquid Sessions Surf Woman
Popoyo Beaches

Personalized Surf Coaching

Our surf program is specifically designed and tailored for you. 

Our full immersion experience, coupled with one-on-one coaching and our extensive surf curriculum, will help you achieve and exceed your personal goals while progressing your surfing faster.

Vacation Surf Program

2 x Surf Theory Classes

From surf history and theory to wave reading and surf maneuvers, the Liquid Sessions Surf Curriculum is proven to make you a better surfer faster.

5 x Practical Surf  Development Lessons

Apply what we learn in the classroom with guided and coached surf sessions with our certified instructors. Guaranteed fun and overall surfing improvement!

Digital Analysis 

& Coaching

Progress faster and let us capture the memories and thrills of the week. Video Coaching is one of the quickest and easiest ways to help you become a complete surfer.

Surf Board Quiver Access

Get access to Liquid Sessions' updated and extensive surfboard quiver. From shortboards to longboards and everything in between, we've got the perfect board for you to make progress and feel confident.

  Multiple Breaks  

Nobody has it better than us! Multiple world-class surf breaks right out your front door. Wave Check

  Expert Guiding  

Using our intimate knowledge of the Nicaraguan surf breaks, we make precision strikes along its Emerald Coast, ensuring you score the best waves possible.


We offer you daily yoga to stretch and connect in our beautiful yoga studio with inspiring teachers from all over the world.

Learn More

  Delicious Food  

"The views from the dining area are as delicious as the food...."


A modern fusion of healthy delicious food.

Foodies Click Here

The Goods

The Goods

Gain skills, confidence, and knowledge from real-life experience!

  • Accommodations

    • 6 Days, 5 nights at Magnific Rock Surf and Yoga Resor

    • Walk out the front door right into the waves

    • Air conditioning, WiFi access available

    • Restaurants, a pool, and bars at the resort

    • All Meals Included. Eat delicious food everyday! Breakfast and lunch are your choice from the menu. Our group dinners are specially planned and prepared by the restaurant’s chef. (Special diet accommodation upon request.)

  • 5x practical surf development lessons

  • 2x surf theory in the classroom on surf knowledge

  • Video and picture digital analysis and coaching

  • Board rental and access to our extensive board quiver

  • Yoga offered daily (2 Yoga decks )

  • Health and Wellness Consultation

  • Boat trip 

  • 4x4 Excursions

  • Bonfire

  • Help and consult with flight, travel, and transportation.


Good Vibes, Good People, Good Times

Call or Text (805) 622-SURF for More Info
Liquid Sessions Surfers Group Lesson

"I didnt feel like a tourist on vacation, I felt like I was part of the crew, one of the gang on a surfing adventure.

What can I say about it? I can say that this was one of the best weeks I've ever had. I've been to other surf camps before in Costa Rica and in Nicaragua. This trip wasn't like the rest, to say the least. The surf instruction and guiding are second to none. Magnific Rock Hotel is perfect with stunning views and the staff was amazing. I could go on and on. But If you want to truly surf and surf with the best then go with Donovan @Liquid Sessions. The website, the pictures, reviews none of the descriptions do the LS experience justice. It's something you gotta experience to believe for yourself."

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -Mirak Amadi

A/C & WiFi

It's comfortable, easy, and relaxing when you stay with us. Staying in contact is important and we've got you covered.

Day Excursions

We load up 4x4's and boats as we explore tropical secret spots, wildlife refuges, and white sand beaches.

Free Time

Relax in a hammock, chill by the pool, drink cold drinks with your new amigos, or explore the local country side by horse.       

"I do what I want." 

Best Value

Check the Internet. You won't find a better deal. Hands down the best value out there for a surf camp of this caliber and quality.


Empty Line-Ups!

A Learning Experience

It's more than a surf camp; It's a way of life.

I learned from Tim Smith at Jack Mountain Bushcraft school, "There’s no substitute to getting out and doing it, learning by doing, and having a life experience you will never forget." Adventuring is going out into the unknown and doing something new. That's why adventurers take a thrilling or exciting task as an opportunity to learn, move ahead, and gain experience. 


While you're here with Liquid Sessions, we help you build your surfing knowledge, skills, and confidence through real-life experience. Surfing is a great catalyst for this, taking us to exotic, wild, and far-flung places all over the world. Some places require intensive traveling, hiking, boating, 4x4, and riding to get access to a break. Sometimes we put up a hammock and build a small camp, sometimes we stay at a friend's cabina, but we always seem to be in the wilderness: the jungle, the ocean, or that magic place where the two meet. 

Once there, we start to see and identify different plants and animals. Overhead are sloths, monkeys, and birds of every color. The air is abuzz with the sounds of life as we learn about the fruits and plants growing all around us. The more we know and learn about our natural surroundings, the easier it is for us to live abundantly and enjoy it. Fresh fish to fresh fruit, you'll witness the abundance of life all around you. 

Donovan Burgess, Founder

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