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We invite you to take a journey with us......

A journey out into the wild and into the human spirit,
a full immersion into the surfer's dream.

Dreaming of the beach life and learning to surf or want to focus on advancing your surf skills with a surf coach or attending surf camp?

                We can help!

personalized surf coaching

professional instruction

prime surf locations for your level

family-owned and operated

Surf Adventure Baja

Beginner - Intermediate 

This is the ultimate surf adventure vacation! 6 nights and 7 days of multiple beaches and multiple world-class breaks, each offering their own unique experience and vibe.

Surf Camp Popoyo

Beginner - Intermediate 

5 Day All Inclusive

Full Immersion Surf Camp

Beach front @ Magnific Rock

Beginner's Bay | Popoyo | Nicaragua 


The Liquid Sessions Experience

We are Professional Educators, Guides, and Adventurers.
Liquid Sessions Surf Kid

Living the Dream 

We Welcome You to
Our Aloha Family

  "Polynesians believed that surfing was one of the highest levels of communion with the Gods. It was part of their Tiki religion. I created Liquid Sessions because I understand how important it is to interact with nature, connecting on a level deeper than mere observation. With this pursuit in mind I have traveled the world surfing and paddle boarding, accumulating experience with all types of ocean and fresh water conditions. These experiences are what created a desire in me to share my knowledge with people, to ignite in them the same love, respect and passion for surf and adventure that I have. Because for some people catching one wave can forever change their life."


-Liquid Sessions Founder Donovan Burgess

Surf for Everyone!

Liquid Sessions Surf:
The Perfect Place for Couples, Friends and Family

We at Liquid Sessions live in the Aloha Spirit while specializing in awakening joy through creative expression and knowledge. That's what we do; that's our mission. We do this by giving lessons, hosting the very best surf camps, and adventure surf vacations for first-time beginners to experienced shredders. We developed Liquid Sessions Surf to be the most advanced, comprehensive, detailed, and fun surf curriculum for you, specifically designed to introduce and advance your surfing skills safely. We have done this by combining a lifetime on the water with years of teaching and coaching experience to bring a unique and exciting way to live, learn and excel in the art, science, and adventure of catching waves.


What are you waiting for? The water's warm. Come on in!

Liquid Sessions Surf Family - Nicaragua
Liquid Sessions Surf 5 star reviews



"I would 100% recommend!... He is the BEST!"

 "Donovan is a really talented surf instructor. His explanations were clear, easy, and specific. He is so passionate and knowledgeable and is lots of fun! I felt extremely safe and confident with him, as well as inspired! Thanks for a great day and taking the time to teach us all about your world as a surfer! I would 100% recommend Donovan Burgess if you're looking for surf lessons! He is the BEST!"


Wren Jay 


"Such respect for our beautiful oceans."

"Being out on the board for the first time was an incredible experience... such respect for our beautiful oceans and feel charged by her power and her peace! Nothing more exhilarating than catching that wave or more breathtaking than sitting up and floating on a calm sea, soaking in the present moment! Donovan was such a great teacher and always made sure we were safe. I never thought I’d get up on my first try but he was right there with you the whole time, talking you through every step and encouraging you! Most of all we had fun! His vibe is brilliant and made the day super special by sharing his passion for surf! Thank you!"   


Jana Blagojevic    


" It’s a guaranteed good time"

"If you find yourself in Nicaragua I recommend looking up #liquid-sessions . You will meet a man that has put his whole heart into doing what he loves! Donovan is one of kind, and the best surf instructor. I stood up on my second wave thanks to him. It’s a guaranteed good time and not only will you walk away having gained a new skill/hobby, you walk away with an unforgettable memory."


Alexis Verruto




Stepping into Liquid...


Our family run operation will make you feel welcome and right at home. Its comfortable, easy and relaxing when you stay with us. 

Prime Surf

Nobody has it better than us. We surf some of the world's best waves at the optimal time of year for each. From California to Nicaragua we've got it dialed in so you can enjoy surfing perfect waves in beautiful places.

Professional Instruction

We didn’t wake up one day and decide to take a week-long course to be surf instructors. Our teaching credentials come from years of surf training and learning from the best institutions and teachers in the outdoor education business. 

Find out more about us here.

New Equipment

Get access to our extensive and updated surf quiver. From shortboards to longboards and everything in-between, we've got you covered.

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