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Magnific Rock

The best spot to learn how to surf in Nicaragua

Less Crowds

Any one can go to Disneyland (That's what I heard someone call Costa Rica and Hawaii) It takes a special person to get off the well beaten path  and take the road less traveled. Is that person you?  

No need to load up the boards and transport, like other surf camps have to, (waste of time, money and risk of damaging boards) when its firing on multiple breaks right out your front door. With our Expert Guiding you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

Perfect Wind

Year Round off-shore winds = Perfectly groomed all day waves. More high quality waves means more face time, more fun, faster improvement and overall  progression of surf skills. Also means more barrels and did I mention more Fun!

New Equipment

Access to our extensive and updated Board Quiver. From short boards to long boards and everything in-between we got you covered.

Watch the Liquid Sessions Stoke......

Our guest find it easy to share


Can I bring someone?

 Yes you can. Bring another surfer and receive %15 percent off your trip. Special  rates for groups of 4 or more and non-surfer companions available. Contact for more details.

How do the shared rooms work?

You have the choice of sharing a studio apartment with one to three other Liquid Sessions guest or paying extra for a private room. 

Dorms sleep four  and does not have a/c.


Can I stay longer or show up early?

Yes you can because like most of our guest you won't want to leave.  We try to schedule our camps and vacations to start on Monday. Giving you the weekend to travel and get here. You are welcome to arrive early and leave late, pending availability. Make sure to ask and book any extra days at the time of booking your stay with Liquid Sessions Surf. 

I never surfed, is Liquid Sessions Surf for me?

Yes it is and congratulations on deciding to try something new and exciting.  Some times the hardest part is just starting. Some of our clients have never seen the ocean before and some have had a bad experience in the water before,  I created the Liquid Sessions Surf curriculum specifically for beginner and intermediate surfers to learn, progress and build their confidence in and out of the water. 

Should I bring my own board?

Beginner and intermediate surfers, long boarders and fun boarders we got you covered with our large up to date quiver of long boards, fish's and fun boards you're sure to find the perfect board to feel confident, progress and have fun on.  If you have a favorite board and want to bring it bring it. 

For our Advanced and Performance riders we advise you to bring your own boards. 3 good boards should do it. We have a limited selection of choices for performance and short boards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much cash should I bring?

That really depends on you and your personal spending preferences. Liquid Sessions has you covered on pretty much everything you need. You'll need money for beers, cocktails and smoothies,(unlimited water, tea and coffee is included) and any extra food or snacks you get outside of the three provided meals. Airport transportation $60 to $80 each way. If other Liquid Sessions guest are travelling on the same days we can arrange for a cost saving shuttle. There is a small gift shop and a couple restaurants in the area. The closest ATM is over a 30 min. drive, so bring money. Any extra charges you may incur such as drinks, massage, horse back riding, hot springs tours,  ect., during your stay will be billed to your room. Payment at check out can be made with cash or card.

Are there age requirements?

Your never to old or young to surf. But you need to be 18 to book a trip. Children are welcome with family groups. 15, 16 and 17 year old's can attend regular camps with a parent.  We have shared the surfing stoke with guest from 3 years old to 83 years young. Majority of our guest range from their 20's to 50's. Through the stoke of surf and the aloha vibes from the Liquid Sessions surf family our groups are well integrated and fun.  We don't mix single surfers with family groups. We find out a little about you and match you or your group up with the right  place, time and people to make an epic experience you'll remember for a life time 

How does airport transportation work?

Fly into Airport Coasta Esmeralda and we'll pick you up for free. 

Fly into Managua and its $60 to $80 one way. If other Liquid Sessions guest are travelling on the same days we can arrange for a cost saving shuttle.

We do not recommend flying into Costa Rica and crossing the boarder yourself. Unless you use a shuttle service, fly over or are an experienced traveler. The boarder is a little tough for first time crossers and inexperienced travelers

Is it safe?

Yes! Nicaragua is the poorest in money wealthy in Central America but is rich in life and is the safest to visit and live in. Even through Nicaragua's political and civil up's and down's through out the years, the beaches and surf destinations remain untouched and beautiful.  Nicaragua's natural beauty combined with its friendly people will have you relaxing in no time.

Do I need a passport?

Yes. All you need is a return ticket and a passport to get into Nicaragua. They will stamp a visa in your passport for up to 90 days.   

* Please check the laws in regulations in your area.

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